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Coventry University


General information

Coventry University is constantly growing, and now has 29,000 students at all four campuses, up 50% from 2011. The main campus is in Coventry, but there is also a campus in London focus on business training and management, and a facility in Scarborough.

Ranked No. 12 in the Guardian 2018 University Guidebook, Coventry University is constantly improving and has recently been ranked Gold by the Quality Framework. The University is also located in the Top 6 UK Universities in Student Experience under the Times and the University of the Sun.

Coventry has been voted the fourth most affordable city in the UK for students, one of the top 5 UK student cities, and has a large student population of 40% Foreign Students.

The school is the UK’s largest provider of international experience, providing opportunities for students to attend language courses and many foreign visits in the course content.

In the coming years, Coventry University will invest £ 89m in student accommodation, providing additional accommodation for 1,800 students in the city center. The new 2017 is The Cycle Works campus near the main campus of the school, ensuring that students arrive on time.

Coventry University is proud to have the dynamic Student Council. Many events are held throughout the year, including world-famous movies and live music. At the same time, there are many sports clubs and associations for students to participate in – from Japanese Jiu Jitsu Technique to Parachuting – there are plenty of activities so students do not have free time.

The School offers a one million pound scholarship to support international students and offers a wide range of student support services, such as academic support, psychological counseling and Student Union counseling.

New information

Prince William and Prince Kate Coventry

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid Coventry prices in mid-January and Coventry University officials and students were still busy exchanging visits.

January 16, 2018 – A day that Coventry members will remember forever. The day Prince William and Prince Kate visit Coventry Cathedral, officially inaugurate the Science and Health Building at Coventry University.

This £ 59m international standard allows students to study in real-life simulation situations such as in the maternity ward, operating theater, gymnasium, exercise and multi-site other equipment.

Many students and officials attended the reception and the atmosphere was very emotional, especially when the prince and his wife raised their hands over their heads, laughing and swaying to the lyrics of the sick doctors. Career Annette Roebuck performs.

Teaching quality

Coventry University understands the difference that high quality teaching can bring while studying at a university. Good experience will help students have the advantage when looking for a job. Coventry University offers students many opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

Awards and achievements

  • The school has achieved the Golden Class of the Teaching Quality Framework – the first major government evaluation of teaching quality (the Guardian 2018 University Guidebook).
  • Ranked No. 12 in the UK Universities (Guardian University Guide 2018)
  • 1 on International Student Experience 2015-2016 (HESA 2017)
  • New England top-ranked university (Guardian and the Complete University Guide 2018)
  • One of the top performers in the Times Higher Education
  • Leadership in Student Experience (The Times and the University of California, Los Angeles, 2017)
  • Top 200 in the world (Young University Rankings for Times Higher Education 2017)

Experienced teaching staff in the industry

With experienced teaching staff in the industry, students are taught professionals with direct experience.

There is a regular academic library available to assist students in their professional development. They also collaborate with the teachers of the subjects, give lectures and directly assist each student by appointment.

Coventry University faculty also undertake doctoral and doctoral programs in a wide range of disciplines.

University of Wollongong


General information

Situated near the pristine east coast of Australia, just one and a half hours from Sydney, the University of Wollongong (UOW) is ranked as one of the 20 best modern universities in the world. % of top universities in the world.

Wollongong is Australia’s 10th largest city, nestled on one side of the Tasman Sea on one side and mountain in the other, giving international students a truly Australian experience.

UOW welcomes nearly 6,000 international students each year at its facilities in Wollongong, CBD Sydney and South West Sydney. The Wollongong campus has state-of-the-art facilities for teaching with stylish learning spaces. The newest UOW building in Liverpool are a diverse and fast-growing cultural district near Sydney.

The university has a high international reputation for teaching standards in all faculties, and has an impressive record of fast-moving graduates. Indeed, UOW is ranked in the Top 1% of graduates according to the QS World University graduate recruitment survey, and 73.1% of UOW students have full-time jobs within four years month after graduation.

UOW students can choose from a variety of accommodation options, including boarding houses in UOW or Wollongong CBD, including newly built Kooloobong Village, where students can cook their own meals. Students enjoy excellent academic and welfare support during their studies at UOW, and use the CareerHub site to help with job search.

With 120 clubs and associations, and over 60 sports teams, UOW’s UniActive provides top athletic facilities for active athletes. There are also international entertainment activities held year-round at UniBar.

UOW has high international prestige, extensive international cooperation, and organizes many exchange activities, offering many scholarships and grants to help students transfer to further study at institutions from Dubai and Hong Kong, Partner units in Singapore, Malaysia and four Chinese universities.

New information

The Southwest Sydney campus of Wollongong University in Liverpool is where the best and brightest students in the region can gain an internationally recognized degree. This campus is the first major university campus in Liverpool and promotes good relations between UOW and the vast Southwest.

Inaugurated in February 2017, the new facility occupies two floors of the Liverpool City Council’s Moore Street. The School offers a variety of programs at the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, Faculty of Business, Faculty of Engineering and Information Science, and the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health. UOW College also offers college and vocational entry programs.

Many UOW students undertake short-term and long-term internship at large Southwest partner agencies, such as nearly 330 trainee students who practice at local hospitals, mental health facilities god and elder care.

Entry requirements

UOW recognizes the high school diplomas of more than 40 countries and the education system, and can evaluate students who have completed the equivalent of a high school diploma (12th grade) to enter the first year of a bachelor’s degree program.

If you do not meet the entry requirement for entry into the bachelor’s degree program, students may be admitted to the UOW College Intensive Program, guaranteed to be enrolled in the first or second year of many undergraduate programs Study at UOW.

Students who have completed a Diploma, or part of a bachelor’s degree program, may apply directly to the enrollment and transfer credits.

All students must submit proof of English proficiency. The results of major international examinations such as IELTS and TOEFL are accepted. Students will also be able to successfully complete the English language course at UOW College.

Scholarship & Support Fund

Wollongong has a reasonable cost of living so students can concentrate on learning without having to worry about finances. The low cost of living in Wollongong is a great advantage of the city beyond big cities like Sydney or Melbourne. Wollongong’s rent, food and entertainment costs are much lower than in major cities, so students can maximize their study time in Australia.

UOW offers a variety of scholarships, which help students cover the cost of tuition fees by up to 30%. Students are automatically considered for scholarships when submitting enrollment.

UOW student Anne Fernando from Sri Lanka to UOW in Math and Finance in 2015. Anne has received international scholarships and fellowships in the form of tuition deductions. “I did not know whether to go to college in Melbourne, Brisbane or Wollongong, and find that tuition fees in Wollongong are much more reasonable. In addition to the scholarship, we also receive the Dean’s Award in the form of annual book allowance. “

Broward College – Background Information


Background Information

Here are some reasons why students should choose to study at Broward College:

On March 14, 2017, Broward University came to CHINESE with excellent grades in the Aspen 2017 Award for Quality Community Colleges; This is a national honor for high achievement and quality for community colleges in the United States.

Broward Browning alumni are the highest gross income in the state, according to the labor market in 2015.

In 2015 alone, WalletHub has ranked BROWARD UNIVERSITY as one of the BEST COMMUNITY COLLEGES. Schools also rank one of the best community colleges in Florida.

Every year, more than 63,000 STUDENTS choose one of the Eight Career Orientation Programs, helping them complete the program for college, diploma and bachelor degree.

BROWARD UNIVERSITY HAVE THE BIGGEST GRADUATION OF HUMANITY – $ 24.5 MILLION PRICE – to lead the league of 12 schools across the nation focusing on supporting the development of logistics and management supply chain.

The annual economic impact of Broward is $ 1. Students can see their future earnings reach $ 6.2 / $ 1 they invest in their degree at Broward.

Broward University is consistently among the most well-known UNIVERSITY COLLEGE COMMUNICATION COLLEGES IN FLORIDA.

BROADBAR UNITED STATES COUNCIL FOR HIGHER EDUCATION PROGRAMS, According to the Top 100 Colleges of Community College Weekly Colleges.

Broward College is the nation’s No. 9 educational institution in the United States and the seventeenth in the nation in terms of health programs and related fields.


Nearly 1 million people have come to study at Broward College – and more than 125,000 students from all walks of life have graduated here since the 1960s.

Broward College students of more than 180 NATIONALITY. 37% of students come from outside the United States.

Life in the school – Entertainment

Broward University is located in the midst of sunny South Florida , only minutes away from spectacular beaches more than 20 miles east, and many water sports are available to students on weekends, for example. like surfing, fishing, sailing, canoeing, snorkeling and more. The west is an important wetland ecosystem. Florida Everglades National Park is home to countless native and exotic wildlife.

There are also many activities to participate in. Here are some of the things students can do at Broward:

  • Lake Tiger Aquarium (tiger’s tail) entertainment center – for those who like adventure or outdoor activities. Students can join wildlife expeditions and have a lot more fun with just a little extra or free.
  • The Buehler Observatory and Dome – watch the details of the Milky Way and the immense cosmic universe in the dome room, or watch the stars in the observatory at night.
  • Bailey Auditorium, Versatile Lecture Theater & Performing Arts Theater – watch the great performances by fellow Broward University students at the school’s performance venues.
  • Clubs and organizations – Broward University has over 100 clubs and organizations that cater to a wide variety of interests.
  • The Bob “Elmore” Honorary Academy is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a special community to gain recognition and to learn leadership skills as well as the opportunity to win college-level scholarships, national level and transfer scholarships.
  • Intercollegiate Athletics – Student athletes may participate in one of eight intercollegiate athletic teams, representing schools participating in tennis, football, softball, baseball, volleyball and basketball.
  • Indoor & Leisure – If you do not like to play, you also have lots of other recreational activities to participate in at every level of fitness. They will definitely enjoy participating in Kenpo martial arts, football, volleyball, football, band hijacking and basketball.
  • Fitness Center – Broward College Student Card is also a free card to ensure healthy living for students. Students are entitled to use fitness centers in convenient locations with top-notch sports and fitness equipment, such as muscle training machines, running training, dumbbells, fitness bikes and exercise chairs

Student support

The enrichment of student life is enriched by the access to the resources they need. Broward University strives to ensure that every student has access to the school’s abundant resources. BC students can schedule appointments with counselors, help with resume writing and resume writing, schedule checks, find Wi-Fi hotspots, book books and more.

Career support

The Career Center helps students learn the profession, choose a career or major field, and learn job search and recruitment skills.

  • Career planning process
  • Full-time and part-time positions
  • Resume and resume
  • Industry information
  • Rate your hobbies and personality
  • Interview strategy and job search
  • Career counseling and study planning

Student counseling

At school, students face many challenges that affect their ability to succeed. Concerns about relationships, family, stress, body image, alcohol and drug abuse can cause depression and many problems in everyday life.

The program guarantees success for all full-time and part-time students at Broward University.

The Student Support Program (SAP)

  • 24-hour hotline
  • Six free clinics with licensed mental health professionals
  • Refer to the psychological counseling fees charged by the student’s ability to pay
  • Comfortable environment and privacy
  • Services are available at Broward County

Broward College – Study program


Study program

Students enrolled in more than 100 major disciplines such as Literature and Science, Aviation, Business, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, and Nursing. The top six major disciplines for International students are Business, Engineering, Engineering / Computer Science, Computer Information Technology, Supply Chain Management (Global Trade and Logistics) and Pre-Med faculty. Business-based training gives students a lot of opportunities to succeed in the global marketplace. Thanks to the rapid technological innovation, Broward University also trains Computer Security & Cyber ​​Security (Cybersecurity). The Institute of Aviation has experienced trainers in flight training and aircraft maintenance training with high quality teaching and reasonable costs.

Broward College offers the following degrees for international students.

  • FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY PROGRAM – Students complete the first two years of their undergraduate program at Broward University and then transfer to one of twelve public universities. Florida to study the last two years of college. Or, if the degree program is taught in BC then the last two years at Broward College. Guarantees are transferable, except for some programs with limited curriculum or pedagogical certificate programs, or major industry programs that require pass-tests.
  • College of Science (AS) – students study two years specialized to prepare to work in high demand industries with quality work skills. Students may also continue to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program at Broward University or transfer to an Associate’s degree program or undergraduate degree program at other universities in Florida.
  • Bachelor of Science in Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Management
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science – Transition from Registered Nurses to Bachelors (Applicants must have a registered Florida Registered Nurse Practitioner)

NOTE: Students who wish to enroll in one of the undergraduate programs must first complete a college degree or have completed 60 college credits.

Language training (English as a Second Language)

One of the programs for international students is the Language Education Program at Broward University, which consists of four levels of grammar, reading and communication. Upon admission, students take the placement test according to a test called English Proficiency Level (LOEP). The LOEP will determine which grade the student will be graded. International students must reach the intermediate English level to be able to successfully complete the LOEP test.

After completing the fourth level of the language program, students continue to study at Broward University without re-registration. Students are guaranteed admission to one of our college programs. In addition, the ISSO International Student Services Division will also change I-20 from the Language Education Program to a Diploma Program (referred to as the Renewal of Education). Students do not need to return to the US Embassy in Vietnam to switch to a F-1 visa on their passport.

Tuition and financial support

With tuition, fees and fees lower than other post-secondary institutions in South Florida, Broward University is one of the best options for students wishing to study in the United States at a cost reasonable.

The best thing is that students can save money by entering first and second year at Broward University and transfer to the third year of college to complete their undergraduate degree.

Broward University tuition is half the tuition fee at state universities and one-third of private colleges in Florida. Simply view the fees and costs of the course and compare it with other schools in the area to see how much savings students can earn in BC.

Job opportunities

Work in the

F-1 full-time F-1 students are eligible to find part-time work in the field for up to 20 hours per week.

Off-campus Employment

After one year in the F-1 category, international students may qualify for part-time off-campus work under the Optional Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, CPT), or Off-campus jobs if economic difficulties.

Optional Practice Training (OPT)

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a benefit for students, allowing immigrants to work in the trained sector.

  • OPT after graduation (after completion of the program): Full-time work as a trainee.
  • OPT before graduation (before completion of the program): work part-time before graduation by trained sector.


Each year, the 7th grade offers “International Transfer Centers” for students who have graduated from one of our overseas campuses. The scholarship includes a tuition-free (non-tuition) fee for a total of 60 credits for students to complete a two-year bachelor’s degree at Broward College in Florida. Currently, the international centers of the school are located in Bolivia, China, Ecuador, India, Peru, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Broward College – Overview


Nearly 1 million people have attended Broward College – and more than 125,000 students have obtained degrees – since the school was founded in 1960.

  • The college is a four-year public training in South Florida
  • Training about 63,000 students
  • Brings to the multicultural student environment
  • With students from 180 countries around the world


Broward College (BC) is located in the sunny state of South Florida, the first and largest university in Broward County. Established in 1960, the college has awarded university degrees and certificates to more than 125,000 students. BC is currently training about 63,000 students representing over 180 countries. 37% of students come from outside the United States.

BC is proud to be the school of choice for students to take programs to succeed in their work. The University has hundreds of vocational and technical training programs to choose from. From bachelors to bachelors, BC offers students the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, regardless of their dreams.

But the school not only interested students about learning. BC strives to ensure that the school life is full of fun and comfort for students to maximize their college life. Many activities, clubs and organizations, leadership opportunities and many other attractions await them when enrolled here.

As students want their future, BC is ready to help students achieve that dream in the most convenient and affordable way possible.

Students can choose:

Get a college degree.

Start college and transfer to university for a bachelor’s degree.

Stay in the bachelor program that the school teaches.

Average temperature

Lowest average temperature (winter): 75ᵒF / 23ᵒC

The highest average temperature (summer): 87ᵒF / 30ᵒC

International student support services

International Student Support Staff and Academic Advisors advise international students on admission procedures, immigration, academic and personal issues.

Broward University is committed to ensuring its students succeed. The Counseling Office helps students identify and achieve their educational goals as well as their careers through career exploration and study planning.

The International Student Services (ISS) provides a welcoming environment that welcomes new students, assisting them not only with their academic needs but also with their individual interests. For example, if the student needs to arrange accommodation, the Department will refer them to apartment rental and furniture. Renting a furnished apartment offers them more independence than living with their relatives. Students can feel at home just as they are at home with all the necessary belongings.

The facilities

Broward College has three campuses and eight campuses in South Florida. In addition, the school has international training centers for programs at Broward University in Bolivia, China, Ecuador, India, Peru, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

San Jose State University – Partner and Student Life



One of the great experiences when attending San José State University is when knowledge meets the requirements of the community. SJSU students will benefit from the school’s partnership with institutions throughout Silicon Valley.

CommUniver City

CommUniver San José is a collaborative project of the Five Wounds / Brookwood Terrac communities, San Jose State University and the city of San José. This unique organization will link students with residents through the development of public education projects for the purpose of developing education, public health, and improvements for the benefit of the people.

Moss Landing Marine Laboratory

Under the leadership of San Jose State University, the Moss Landing Marine Laboratory holds and administers the interdisciplinary Master of Science program in Marine Science for the California State University’s seven campuses. in North and Central California. The abundance of adjacent marine resources, teaching staff with integrated research, advanced facilities, teams and marine operations have contributed to making Moss Landing one of the best Master of Science in Marine Sciences in the United States.

Mineta Transportation Institute

Placing the partnership with SJSU Business School, Mineta Institute of Transport is the National Center for Transportation and a Center of Excellence focusing on policy research related to ground transport.

NASA’s Ames Research Center

Members of San José’s staff have collaborated with NASA’s Ames Research Center for several years. SJSU’s Associate Professor Natalie Batalha, as a member of NASA’s Kepler, has contributed to exploring one of the smallest planets identified outside the solar system. Batalha is responsible for recruiting more than 150,000 stars that the spacecraft controls, and working with Ames team members to identify living planets from Kepler.

Reid-Hillview Aviation

San Jose State University collaborates with Santa Clara County’s Reid-Hillview Airport to train students in the aviation, aircraft maintenance, administration and technology sectors. Graduates from SJSU are currently working in a variety of industries, including aircraft management, airport management, purchasing, marketing, quality control, technical management, and aerospace. . Reid-Hillview Airport Facilities include a fleet of aircraft hangars and 5,000 square-foot aircraft engines used in teaching.

Student life

Student organizations

Join the SJSU community! SJSU has more than 450 student organizations. From academics to honors, sports, culture and race clubs, boys ‘and girls’ associations, or hobby groups – SJSU has many options for you to choose from. To find out more, please visit the Student Inclusion website.

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Arts and culture are two important parts of the campus community. SJSU students are extremely diverse, meaning there are a lot of shows, solo events or cultural events for you to join.


As one of the NCAA Division I member schools, San José State University is home to seven sports for men and 13 for women’s sports . You can express SJSU Spartan pride when participating in competitions or becoming part of the internal sports department at the club.

Explore the bay

The beautiful and sunny San Francisco Bay area offers a wide selection of options:

  • Great for shopping and sightseeing in San Francisco
  • Go to the beach and play at The Boardwalk, Santa Cruz
  • Go hiking in the red woods of the Santa Cruz Mountains.
  • Explore Napa Valley Wine Making

Student Housing

Student housing is not just a place to eat and sleep. In the State of San Jose, student housing and apartments are where both communities live and learn from each other.

On-campus housing requirement for first-year students

All SJSU freshmen are required to live on the campus  during their first year of study. The University’s International Housing Division and the International Home School are two units that will support housing and accommodations on the campus. Students who are required to live on the campus will be given priority.

International House (I-House)

The International House in San José is currently home to 70 American and international students studying at San Jose State University. I-House is located about 5 minutes walk from the campus, providing a comfortable living space and a friendly exchange environment for students from many different backgrounds.

Boys and girls associations

Since 1898, SJSU boys ‘and girls’ conferences have brought a cheerful atmosphere to make student life a memorable experience. Many SJSU Greek organizations provide housing to members of the organization.

San Jose State University – Study options


Study options

The State of San José offers a diverse range of bachelor and bachelor programs that promote the intellectual and critical thinking of students. From art to technology, the academic environment at SJSU is one of the challenging environments in the United States. SJSU has been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

School of Applied Arts and Arts (CASA)

Schools are proud of the degree programs that are capable of delivering grounded theories, developed and tested through research; the knowledge can be applied in diverse systems; processes that combine human knowledge and cooperation; and supervised practice through internships, practices and / or instructional programs in job-oriented activities.

Lucas School and Postgraduate Business School

Undergraduate and postgraduate programs are accredited by AACSB International. Only less than 5% of business programs worldwide are certified, in part reflecting the school’s excellent quality of business.

Connie L. Lurie School of Education

Connie L. Lurie Teachers College is an academic community dedicated to the rights and the quality of teachers, including teachers, administrators, consultants and service providers.

Charles Engineering School w. Davidson

The University is ranked # 3 in all US public engineering programs offering both undergraduate and master’s degrees (US News and World Report). Not only does it explore the core theories and principles of the field of engineering, it also offers innovative ideas to solve world problems.

School of Arts and Humanities

The School of Humanities and Arts focuses on innovation, innovation and problem solving. The school prepares students to be compassionate and knowledgeable citizens of the world.

School of Science

The School of Engineering (CoS) continues to train 85 years of bachelor of science and technology, providing Silicon Valley with more than 2,200 undergraduate and postgraduate graduates this year.

School of Social Sciences

Programs at the School of Social Sciences prepare students to work and live in Silicon Valley as well as in a world of constant change. The school provides vocational training in the areas of consultancy, ergonomics, environmental impact assessment and improvement, computer mapping, public administration, economic analysis, internet communications, and both business, government, teaching and personnel.


General requirements

Students enrolled in college

  • Graduated from a high school or high school
  • Complete the program with a grade equivalent to 3.0 US GPA (“B” grade) and above.
  • Complete at least 3 years of mathematics with minimum grade C (based on grades A, B, C, D, F)
  • Non-engineering majors: 61 TOEFL, 6.0 IELTS, or 44 PTE
  • Engineering majors: 80 TOEFL, 6.0 IELTS, 53 PTE
  • SAT or ACT score (not required, but recommended when applying)

Postgraduate students enrolled

The equivalent of a four-year bachelor’s degree program in the United States

Minimum grade 2.5 under the US education system (point 3.0)

80 TOEFL, 6.5 IELTS or 53 PTE tests (some programs will require higher)

GRE or GMAT will be required on some programs

Programs with special conditions

Some programs will have higher requirements, so you should check the input conditions of the program you prefer. Find out more about Postgraduate Admissions and Program Evaluation (GAPE) through the website .

Conditional admission

The Conditional Entry / Entry Eligibility Program at San Jose State University is designed for international students wishing to pursue an academic program at the University, but who have failed TOEFL or IELTS scores. request. Conditional admission is your chance to take one or two semesters of the International Gateways, SJSU’s intensive English program, until you achieve the required TOEFL or IELTS score. Upon completion, students must submit their official enrollment application to the University of San Jose State University program through Cal State Apply.

San Jose State University


San José is ranked No. 1 in the US “Business Insider Silicon Valley”.

  • The 62,000-hectare campus in the heart of Silicon Valley
  • Excellent training quality: 145 branches and 108 majors
  • Business Connectivity: Life Skills, Practical Applications
  • It is the home of 3,300 international students

About SJSU

If you only have a degree, you can study anywhere. But to get yourself ready to enter the real world and develop your job skills, as well as grasp your hands-on skills in a work environment that brings together the world’s leading companies and innovators, your future at San Jose State University (SJSU).

Welcome to SJSU

Situated on a more than 62,000 hectare campus in the heart of San José, San Jose State University (SJSU) currently has 32,000 students in 145 disciplines and 108 majors in the program, including programs ranked high on the whole country. Teaching quality and class size are also given priority at SJSU, where senior professors will teach you from introductory to Advanced.

Provide personnel for Silicon Valley

The State of San José has been ranked as the # 1 University in America “Mostly Silicon Valley by Business Insider”.

The University is the number one human resource in pedagogy, engineering, computer science and business for Silicon Valley.

The advantage of SJSU

Many of our employees are already working for Silicon Valley industry leaders. Therefore, they bring the practical knowledge of Silicon Valley companies into the classroom.

Relationships between SJSU and global companies will bring you the opportunity not all universities have.

At SJSU, you will be involved in a wide range of applied research programs, thereby recognizing your contribution to the real products and services. Your ideas will really help develop, create and bring about change in Silicon Valley and throughout the world.

The famous alumni

San Jose State University has trained outstanding alumni in various fields of Business, Education, Journalism, Literature, Politics, Science and Technology, and Sports as well as 16 athletes Olympic Games. Famous names include Gordon Moore, founder of Intel Corporation; Ray Dolby, founder of Dolby Sound Systems; Mary Blair, artist, graphic designer and illustrator, contributed to Cinderella for Disney (1950), Alice in Wonderland (1951) and Peter Pan (1953); Ed Oates, Oracle co-founder; Omid Kordestani, Senior Vice President of Global Business at Google; Amy Tan, author of “The Joy Luck Club;” Dian Fossey, author of “Gorillas in the Mist;” and many other celebrities.

Alumni Association

Since 1873, the SJSU Alumni Association has consistently strived to link graduate students and graduate students with junior high school graduates to enhance the SJSU degree.

Why choose SJSU?

Reasons to choose SJSU

  • Forbes has ranked SJSU as one of the top 20 “Universities will help you become rich.”
  • SJSU is one of the top 10 “California’s Most Valuable Schools” (Payscale).
  • The State of San José has been ranked 20th among the “Best to Invest” universities in the United States. (Best Colleges)
  • AACSB has recognized the Lucas Business School as one of the “295 Best Business Schools.” (Princeton Review)
  • San José is ranked # 7 in the “2016 Largest Cities in the United States.” (WalletHub)
  • San José is a mid-sized urban destination for college students in the United States (the United States Institute for Economic Research).
  • SJSU has received more than 56,000 applications from international students for the fall 2015 intake, and this is also SJSU’s new record.
  • Graduates are ranked first in Apple and Cisco, second in Adobe, 8th in Facebook and 10th in Google. (LinkedIn University Finder)
  • Some of SJSU’s major employers include eBay, Netflix, IBM, Oracle, PayPal and Hewlett-Packard.
  • Ranked 6th among public universities in the US (US News)

The California State University System (CSU)

California State University – Points to be proud of



Growing up in California, Fresno blends urban sophistication with the charm of a small town. Approximately 500,000 people from 80 different nationalities live in this city, one of the fastest growing localities in the state.

Life in Fresno has an urban flavor, but students can live their own style. And they need to set their own style because there are so many things to experience. The most famous bands and troupes regularly perform at venues such as Save Mart, William Saroyan Theater and Selland Arena. Explore the local talent at Fresno State’s private clubs, cafes, restaurants, as well as theaters and auditoriums.

Those who enjoy outdoor activities can go hiking or cycling in places like Woodward Park and along the San Joaquin River. It is only a 1-2 hour drive to lakes and majestic national parks such as Yosemite and Kings Canyon. Or you can relax at the beaches along the central west coast of California.

Of course, sports are the top attraction in Fresno. In addition, all year round are packed with special events, such as the following: Rogue Festival is the largest folk festival in the western United States held the earliest of the year. The 62-mile long flowering trail is also a vibrant spring color year-round in Fresno County. ArthHops art exchange is held every month, welcoming people to exchange and admire the work of artists in the region in museums, galleries and many other places. The Fresno Fair features concerts, horseback rides and mountain ranges of food in October. There is also an annual Fresno State Vantage Day held in April.

Points to be proud of

  • 2017 – The US News & World Report ranked Fresno as the nation’s # 1 state university and the nation’s leading public university for Graduation Rate.
  • 2017 – The Washington Post ranked Fresno as # 17 among the top US Universities.
  • The Princeton Review ranked the MBA program at Fresno State’s 45th Business Faculty of Business, Sid Craig. The average GMAT score for this program is in the top 30 in the nation.
  • Practical placement at the Craig Business School in Fresno is coordinated with businesses throughout central California and surrounding areas, providing direct access to the skills learned in the classroom and helping students. Create relationships to succeed in the future.
  • The Kremen State University School of Education and Human Development was recognized by the American Association for Teacher Education (AACTE) for its emphasis on morality and morality in the training of future teachers. .
  • The Fresno State School of Agricultural Science and Technology is internationally accredited through in-class teaching combined with hands-on experience on the campus of over 400 hectares.
  • The Craig Business School at Fresno State, the graduate program and the Faculty Entrepreneurial are continuously ranked and nationally ranked.
  • The Henry Madden Library is Central California’s largest research library of state-of-the-art libraries and libraries. Design of the award-winning library of the American Institute of Architects.
  • The College’s Writing and Master of Arts program has produced many well-known national poets and writers.
  • The Downing Planetarium and the Downing Star Planetarium each year attract 25,000 visitors for a practical science experience.
  • Nearly all term-school faculty – up to 96% – have either a Ph.D. or the highest degree in the industry.
  • There are over 3,000 colleges in the United States. Fresno State is one of 72 colleges in the United States that receive the Certificate of Community Linking.

Career support

At any time during the study, Fresno State students and alumni will be able to meet with career counselors to determine their career orientation, to ensure that students are prepared.full, thorough to find a job or determine your own job search. Job fairs, on-campus recruiting programs and online job posting systems can help maximize student employment opportunities.

The Career Development Center is a unit of the Student Affairs and Training Management Division that helps students succeed with the following services.

  • Self-assessments, identification of major occupations and career exploration
  • Write a resume
  • Job search – best job interviews, best interviews, interviews, career trends / salary
  • Connect with employers – job fairs, networking
  • Find jobs – recruit contracts for work in schools
  • Experience – part-time, part-time, community service

Planning a postgraduate course – the enrollment process, reviewing individual research protocols


California State University – Schools and faculties


Schools and faculties

The College offers a wide range of courses in the following faculties and member universities.

School of Arts and Humanities

The School of Arts and Humanities has a diverse student body that attends the school’s intellectual and academic programs; They also participate in coordinated activities, dialogue and exploration. These programs contribute to preserving, nurturing and promoting the arts and humanities in the school as well as the social community.

School of Health and Human Services

The School of Health and Human Services offers courses in Communication Disorders and Deafness Studies; Athletics; Physical therapy; Public health; Entertainment management; Social Work and Gerontology; and Nursing. The school also has off-campus training and research centers.

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics offers a wide variety of programs at the Faculty of Biology; Chemistry; Computer science; Earth Science and the Environment; Math; Physics; and Psychology.

September 2015

School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as a diverse range of accreditation programs that prepare graduates for a solid foundation in today’s rapidly changing world. Students in Social Sciences participate in field archeology, simulation courts, geographic information surveys, history workshops, as well as other enrichment learning activities.

Business Department Craig

Business Department Craig has taken a step further than it was in 1928 when it was first established; The Faculty is proud to be recognized as one of the best business schools in California, and is proud to have created a variety of educational opportunities and connections for students. The Faculty also has a high reputation for quality education and cost effectiveness.

Jordan School of Agricultural Science & Technology

The Jordan School of Agricultural Science and Technology provides students with the education they need to become leaders in the agricultural and related sciences. The university offers excellent programs in traditional fields of agriculture such as zoology, botany, agricultural education, vines and agribusiness.

Kremen Education & Human Development

Kremen Education and Human Development (KSOEHD) educates qualified educators, high-level human development professionals, and provides professional support and leadership to the community, promoting research and application, and provide opportunities and experience to foster, update and develop professional skills for professionals working in the field.

Students study in the classroom, study and work in the modern Education Court; this is a 5-storey building with clinical facilities, pedagogic labs and computer labs.

Lyles Technical College

Lyles Technical College is the oldest public engineering school in the San Joaquin Valley, the School of Civil Engineering, Computer, Electrical, Geometry, and Mechanical Engineering programs as well as Construction Management. All Engineering degree programs at Lyles School of Engineering are nationally accredited. The university also offers Master’s programs in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

International student

From the initial questions about the enrollment process to enrollment, graduation and later, the International Student Services and Scholarship (ISSP) Unit is the main unit for answering international students at Fresno State.

The arrangement of the student flight are from the airport upon arrival in the United States and placement of homestay (in the same family), and guidance to students before the start of the first semester.

International students are also invited to attend a fast-track program organized by the Division to help them make friends, get to know the campus, meet American families, lecturers and staff. International students have the opportunity to share and learn each other’s culture through international coffee hours, explore global diversity and international cultural festival nights.

Multicultural staffs also help with:

  • migration and personal counseling
  • cultural adaptation
  • addressing academic, social, financial and occupational issues
  • privacy issues

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