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Got a digital skeleton in your PC? AVG AntiVirus can keep it secret with a built-in file shredder, and complements that with thorough malware protection and a customizable interface. Yet the application lacks a quick-scan option, and rival free products from Avast and Bitdefender offer more useful features and better malware protection, respectively.

Antivirus Protection

AVG AntiVirus has maintained its own look and feel. It uses some of the same technology that’s on Avast  Antivirus, with a traditional scanning engine that matches suspicious code with digital signatures of known malware.

This is augmented by in-depth heuristic monitoring that looks for the behavioral attributes of never-before-seen “zero day” malware. Anything that looks out of place is uploaded to AVG’s online analysis lab, which several times daily distributes new malware definition to AVG’s 200-million users.

AVG AntiVirus collects data on your program usage and web history, but you can opt out of this collection in the Privacy section of the Settings menu.

AVG AntiVirus not only scans email attachments, but can keep you away from potential phishing websites based on their reputation and history. It lacks browser extensions, but AVG is working on including them on the product by the end of the year.

The application has no gaming mode to turn off active scans and user notifications during periods of heavy use, but AVG offers one of the most in-depth assortment of customization options we’ve seen in antivirus programs. You can adjust the intensity of the heuristic scanning and turn features on and off, such as whether to scan scripts and shared libraries.

AVG AntiVirus blocks potentially unwanted apps from being installed, but has no specific defense for ransomware. Instead, it uses behavioral scanning to catch ransomware before any damage takes place.

AVG’s protection is a short step down from Bitdefender’s excellent results, but was still quite good, according to recent lab tests.

Starting a Full Computer Scan that looks at everything on the main system drive is only one click away from the main interface window. Go a level further in, and you’ll have the choice of several different scan types, but there’s no quick-scan option.

Instead, AVG AntiVirus has an intense Deep Virus Scan that looks at all infection vectors. Unfortunately, that scan takes twice as long as a full scan to complete. In some ways, it’s closest to what other vendors would call a full scan.

In addition to setting up a scan of the system’s boot sector on the next startup, the AVG AntiVirus program also provides scans of the system boot sector, system memory and autostart programs, and can scan for rootkits. You can schedule one-off scans, or recurring scans to automatically take place daily, weekly or monthly.

AVG AntiVirus lets you whitelist specific files or programs to exclude them from scans. There’s a special section to fine-tune scans on any USB external drive, but AVG AntiVirus can’t be set to automatically scan a USB drive when one is plugged in.

The program has a nice Task Tray icon that provides access to the main program. It also lets you know if AVG’s protection is turned on.


  1. Download file setup and install and open it.
  2. Download active file and open it.
  3. Restart software and enjoy

Download 32 bit
Download 64 bit


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