University of Wollongong

General information

Situated near the pristine east coast of Australia, just one and a half hours from Sydney, the University of Wollongong (UOW) is ranked as one of the 20 best modern universities in the world. % of top universities in the world.

Wollongong is Australia’s 10th largest city, nestled on one side of the Tasman Sea on one side and mountain in the other, giving international students a truly Australian experience.

UOW welcomes nearly 6,000 international students each year at its facilities in Wollongong, CBD Sydney and South West Sydney. The Wollongong campus has state-of-the-art facilities for teaching with stylish learning spaces. The newest UOW building in Liverpool are a diverse and fast-growing cultural district near Sydney.

The university has a high international reputation for teaching standards in all faculties, and has an impressive record of fast-moving graduates. Indeed, UOW is ranked in the Top 1% of graduates according to the QS World University graduate recruitment survey, and 73.1% of UOW students have full-time jobs within four years month after graduation.

UOW students can choose from a variety of accommodation options, including boarding houses in UOW or Wollongong CBD, including newly built Kooloobong Village, where students can cook their own meals. Students enjoy excellent academic and welfare support during their studies at UOW, and use the CareerHub site to help with job search.

With 120 clubs and associations, and over 60 sports teams, UOW’s UniActive provides top athletic facilities for active athletes. There are also international entertainment activities held year-round at UniBar.

UOW has high international prestige, extensive international cooperation, and organizes many exchange activities, offering many scholarships and grants to help students transfer to further study at institutions from Dubai and Hong Kong, Partner units in Singapore, Malaysia and four Chinese universities.

New information

The Southwest Sydney campus of Wollongong University in Liverpool is where the best and brightest students in the region can gain an internationally recognized degree. This campus is the first major university campus in Liverpool and promotes good relations between UOW and the vast Southwest.

Inaugurated in February 2017, the new facility occupies two floors of the Liverpool City Council’s Moore Street. The School offers a variety of programs at the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, Faculty of Business, Faculty of Engineering and Information Science, and the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health. UOW College also offers college and vocational entry programs.

Many UOW students undertake short-term and long-term internship at large Southwest partner agencies, such as nearly 330 trainee students who practice at local hospitals, mental health facilities god and elder care.

Entry requirements

UOW recognizes the high school diplomas of more than 40 countries and the education system, and can evaluate students who have completed the equivalent of a high school diploma (12th grade) to enter the first year of a bachelor’s degree program.

If you do not meet the entry requirement for entry into the bachelor’s degree program, students may be admitted to the UOW College Intensive Program, guaranteed to be enrolled in the first or second year of many undergraduate programs Study at UOW.

Students who have completed a Diploma, or part of a bachelor’s degree program, may apply directly to the enrollment and transfer credits.

All students must submit proof of English proficiency. The results of major international examinations such as IELTS and TOEFL are accepted. Students will also be able to successfully complete the English language course at UOW College.

Scholarship & Support Fund

Wollongong has a reasonable cost of living so students can concentrate on learning without having to worry about finances. The low cost of living in Wollongong is a great advantage of the city beyond big cities like Sydney or Melbourne. Wollongong’s rent, food and entertainment costs are much lower than in major cities, so students can maximize their study time in Australia.

UOW offers a variety of scholarships, which help students cover the cost of tuition fees by up to 30%. Students are automatically considered for scholarships when submitting enrollment.

UOW student Anne Fernando from Sri Lanka to UOW in Math and Finance in 2015. Anne has received international scholarships and fellowships in the form of tuition deductions. “I did not know whether to go to college in Melbourne, Brisbane or Wollongong, and find that tuition fees in Wollongong are much more reasonable. In addition to the scholarship, we also receive the Dean’s Award in the form of annual book allowance. “