Broward College – Background Information

Background Information

Here are some reasons why students should choose to study at Broward College:

On March 14, 2017, Broward University came to CHINESE with excellent grades in the Aspen 2017 Award for Quality Community Colleges; This is a national honor for high achievement and quality for community colleges in the United States.

Broward Browning alumni are the highest gross income in the state, according to the labor market in 2015.

In 2015 alone, WalletHub has ranked BROWARD UNIVERSITY as one of the BEST COMMUNITY COLLEGES. Schools also rank one of the best community colleges in Florida.

Every year, more than 63,000 STUDENTS choose one of the Eight Career Orientation Programs, helping them complete the program for college, diploma and bachelor degree.

BROWARD UNIVERSITY HAVE THE BIGGEST GRADUATION OF HUMANITY – $ 24.5 MILLION PRICE – to lead the league of 12 schools across the nation focusing on supporting the development of logistics and management supply chain.

The annual economic impact of Broward is $ 1. Students can see their future earnings reach $ 6.2 / $ 1 they invest in their degree at Broward.

Broward University is consistently among the most well-known UNIVERSITY COLLEGE COMMUNICATION COLLEGES IN FLORIDA.

BROADBAR UNITED STATES COUNCIL FOR HIGHER EDUCATION PROGRAMS, According to the Top 100 Colleges of Community College Weekly Colleges.

Broward College is the nation’s No. 9 educational institution in the United States and the seventeenth in the nation in terms of health programs and related fields.


Nearly 1 million people have come to study at Broward College – and more than 125,000 students from all walks of life have graduated here since the 1960s.

Broward College students of more than 180 NATIONALITY. 37% of students come from outside the United States.

Life in the school – Entertainment

Broward University is located in the midst of sunny South Florida , only minutes away from spectacular beaches more than 20 miles east, and many water sports are available to students on weekends, for example. like surfing, fishing, sailing, canoeing, snorkeling and more. The west is an important wetland ecosystem. Florida Everglades National Park is home to countless native and exotic wildlife.

There are also many activities to participate in. Here are some of the things students can do at Broward:

  • Lake Tiger Aquarium (tiger’s tail) entertainment center – for those who like adventure or outdoor activities. Students can join wildlife expeditions and have a lot more fun with just a little extra or free.
  • The Buehler Observatory and Dome – watch the details of the Milky Way and the immense cosmic universe in the dome room, or watch the stars in the observatory at night.
  • Bailey Auditorium, Versatile Lecture Theater & Performing Arts Theater – watch the great performances by fellow Broward University students at the school’s performance venues.
  • Clubs and organizations – Broward University has over 100 clubs and organizations that cater to a wide variety of interests.
  • The Bob “Elmore” Honorary Academy is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a special community to gain recognition and to learn leadership skills as well as the opportunity to win college-level scholarships, national level and transfer scholarships.
  • Intercollegiate Athletics – Student athletes may participate in one of eight intercollegiate athletic teams, representing schools participating in tennis, football, softball, baseball, volleyball and basketball.
  • Indoor & Leisure – If you do not like to play, you also have lots of other recreational activities to participate in at every level of fitness. They will definitely enjoy participating in Kenpo martial arts, football, volleyball, football, band hijacking and basketball.
  • Fitness Center – Broward College Student Card is also a free card to ensure healthy living for students. Students are entitled to use fitness centers in convenient locations with top-notch sports and fitness equipment, such as muscle training machines, running training, dumbbells, fitness bikes and exercise chairs

Student support

The enrichment of student life is enriched by the access to the resources they need. Broward University strives to ensure that every student has access to the school’s abundant resources. BC students can schedule appointments with counselors, help with resume writing and resume writing, schedule checks, find Wi-Fi hotspots, book books and more.

Career support

The Career Center helps students learn the profession, choose a career or major field, and learn job search and recruitment skills.

  • Career planning process
  • Full-time and part-time positions
  • Resume and resume
  • Industry information
  • Rate your hobbies and personality
  • Interview strategy and job search
  • Career counseling and study planning

Student counseling

At school, students face many challenges that affect their ability to succeed. Concerns about relationships, family, stress, body image, alcohol and drug abuse can cause depression and many problems in everyday life.

The program guarantees success for all full-time and part-time students at Broward University.

The Student Support Program (SAP)

  • 24-hour hotline
  • Six free clinics with licensed mental health professionals
  • Refer to the psychological counseling fees charged by the student’s ability to pay
  • Comfortable environment and privacy
  • Services are available at Broward County