Broward College – Overview

Nearly 1 million people have attended Broward College – and more than 125,000 students have obtained degrees – since the school was founded in 1960.

  • The college is a four-year public training in South Florida
  • Training about 63,000 students
  • Brings to the multicultural student environment
  • With students from 180 countries around the world


Broward College (BC) is located in the sunny state of South Florida, the first and largest university in Broward County. Established in 1960, the college has awarded university degrees and certificates to more than 125,000 students. BC is currently training about 63,000 students representing over 180 countries. 37% of students come from outside the United States.

BC is proud to be the school of choice for students to take programs to succeed in their work. The University has hundreds of vocational and technical training programs to choose from. From bachelors to bachelors, BC offers students the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, regardless of their dreams.

But the school not only interested students about learning. BC strives to ensure that the school life is full of fun and comfort for students to maximize their college life. Many activities, clubs and organizations, leadership opportunities and many other attractions await them when enrolled here.

As students want their future, BC is ready to help students achieve that dream in the most convenient and affordable way possible.

Students can choose:

Get a college degree.

Start college and transfer to university for a bachelor’s degree.

Stay in the bachelor program that the school teaches.

Average temperature

Lowest average temperature (winter): 75ᵒF / 23ᵒC

The highest average temperature (summer): 87ᵒF / 30ᵒC

International student support services

International Student Support Staff and Academic Advisors advise international students on admission procedures, immigration, academic and personal issues.

Broward University is committed to ensuring its students succeed. The Counseling Office helps students identify and achieve their educational goals as well as their careers through career exploration and study planning.

The International Student Services (ISS) provides a welcoming environment that welcomes new students, assisting them not only with their academic needs but also with their individual interests. For example, if the student needs to arrange accommodation, the Department will refer them to apartment rental and furniture. Renting a furnished apartment offers them more independence than living with their relatives. Students can feel at home just as they are at home with all the necessary belongings.

The facilities

Broward College has three campuses and eight campuses in South Florida. In addition, the school has international training centers for programs at Broward University in Bolivia, China, Ecuador, India, Peru, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.