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Study program

Students enrolled in more than 100 major disciplines such as Literature and Science, Aviation, Business, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, and Nursing. The top six major disciplines for International students are Business, Engineering, Engineering / Computer Science, Computer Information Technology, Supply Chain Management (Global Trade and Logistics) and Pre-Med faculty. Business-based training gives students a lot of opportunities to succeed in the global marketplace. Thanks to the rapid technological innovation, Broward University also trains Computer Security & Cyber ​​Security (Cybersecurity). The Institute of Aviation has experienced trainers in flight training and aircraft maintenance training with high quality teaching and reasonable costs.

Broward College offers the following degrees for international students.

  • FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY PROGRAM – Students complete the first two years of their undergraduate program at Broward University and then transfer to one of twelve public universities. Florida to study the last two years of college. Or, if the degree program is taught in BC then the last two years at Broward College. Guarantees are transferable, except for some programs with limited curriculum or pedagogical certificate programs, or major industry programs that require pass-tests.
  • College of Science (AS) – students study two years specialized to prepare to work in high demand industries with quality work skills. Students may also continue to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program at Broward University or transfer to an Associate’s degree program or undergraduate degree program at other universities in Florida.
  • Bachelor of Science in Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Management
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science – Transition from Registered Nurses to Bachelors (Applicants must have a registered Florida Registered Nurse Practitioner)

NOTE: Students who wish to enroll in one of the undergraduate programs must first complete a college degree or have completed 60 college credits.

Language training (English as a Second Language)

One of the programs for international students is the Language Education Program at Broward University, which consists of four levels of grammar, reading and communication. Upon admission, students take the placement test according to a test called English Proficiency Level (LOEP). The LOEP will determine which grade the student will be graded. International students must reach the intermediate English level to be able to successfully complete the LOEP test.

After completing the fourth level of the language program, students continue to study at Broward University without re-registration. Students are guaranteed admission to one of our college programs. In addition, the ISSO International Student Services Division will also change I-20 from the Language Education Program to a Diploma Program (referred to as the Renewal of Education). Students do not need to return to the US Embassy in Vietnam to switch to a F-1 visa on their passport.

Tuition and financial support

With tuition, fees and fees lower than other post-secondary institutions in South Florida, Broward University is one of the best options for students wishing to study in the United States at a cost reasonable.

The best thing is that students can save money by entering first and second year at Broward University and transfer to the third year of college to complete their undergraduate degree.

Broward University tuition is half the tuition fee at state universities and one-third of private colleges in Florida. Simply view the fees and costs of the course and compare it with other schools in the area to see how much savings students can earn in BC.

Job opportunities

Work in the

F-1 full-time F-1 students are eligible to find part-time work in the field for up to 20 hours per week.

Off-campus Employment

After one year in the F-1 category, international students may qualify for part-time off-campus work under the Optional Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, CPT), or Off-campus jobs if economic difficulties.

Optional Practice Training (OPT)

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a benefit for students, allowing immigrants to work in the trained sector.

  • OPT after graduation (after completion of the program): Full-time work as a trainee.
  • OPT before graduation (before completion of the program): work part-time before graduation by trained sector.


Each year, the 7th grade offers “International Transfer Centers” for students who have graduated from one of our overseas campuses. The scholarship includes a tuition-free (non-tuition) fee for a total of 60 credits for students to complete a two-year bachelor’s degree at Broward College in Florida. Currently, the international centers of the school are located in Bolivia, China, Ecuador, India, Peru, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.