California State University, Fresno


Fresno State offers a selection of majors including 61 majors, 45 master’s degrees and 3 doctoral degrees.

  • Fresno State – a school full of opportunities
  • 100 years of excellent tradition
  • Located in Fresno, California’s fifth largest city
  • Contracted trainers also hold a Ph.D.

Introducing Fresno State

With 100 years of outstanding traditions, California State University , Fresno (Fresno State) is a member of the University of California System and began its second century at the height of its beginnings and musings. New Assembly. Today, Fresno State is leading the way in Central California with its innovations and inspires students to reach higher levels of thinking and pursue their dreams.

Study options

The student / faculty ratio in Fresno State is 21: 1; 18.7% of the school’s classrooms have less than 20 students. About 60% of students are first-generation university students.

Training in 61 majors, 45 master’s and 3 doctoral degrees, Fresno State has grown far beyond its modest starting point. Alumni of the University have taken on the best positions in the world.


Fresno State is located in the largest city in the San Joaquin Valley & also the fifth largest city in the state of central California. Read more in the location section …


The beautiful Fresno State campus is like a park, but like a small city with lots of facilities (bowling alley, bank, theater, event center, library, medical center, dormitory, post office and many others). Students will enjoy and relax when walking or sitting on the lawn in the school to enjoy the natural beauty of flowers and plants.

With an area of ​​388 acres, Fresno State’s main campus features more than 46 ancient and modern buildings across breathtaking landscapes, lush trees and lush rose gardens. The school is also located near 6 different international airports.

There are also 34 more on the campus of the campus of over 400 hectares, including student-run horses, pigs, cows, dairy cows, poultry and students, and hundreds of acres Grass for cattle.

From Fresno to the famous national parks of the United States only takes 1 hour car. Students can also spend the weekend exploring urban life in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Student life

There are more than 270 official clubs and student organizations in the school, such as professional and cultural groups, and recreational groups such as the Ski Club and the athletic teams that compete in the competition. Table I NCAA in the Mountain West Conference. Learn all about student life and student support in Fresno State.

Students in the school are diverse; after graduation, international students quickly integrate into the community and make friends with people from all over the world.