California State University – Points to be proud of



Growing up in California, Fresno blends urban sophistication with the charm of a small town. Approximately 500,000 people from 80 different nationalities live in this city, one of the fastest growing localities in the state.

Life in Fresno has an urban flavor, but students can live their own style. And they need to set their own style because there are so many things to experience. The most famous bands and troupes regularly perform at venues such as Save Mart, William Saroyan Theater and Selland Arena. Explore the local talent at Fresno State’s private clubs, cafes, restaurants, as well as theaters and auditoriums.

Those who enjoy outdoor activities can go hiking or cycling in places like Woodward Park and along the San Joaquin River. It is only a 1-2 hour drive to lakes and majestic national parks such as Yosemite and Kings Canyon. Or you can relax at the beaches along the central west coast of California.

Of course, sports are the top attraction in Fresno. In addition, all year round are packed with special events, such as the following: Rogue Festival is the largest folk festival in the western United States held the earliest of the year. The 62-mile long flowering trail is also a vibrant spring color year-round in Fresno County. ArthHops art exchange is held every month, welcoming people to exchange and admire the work of artists in the region in museums, galleries and many other places. The Fresno Fair features concerts, horseback rides and mountain ranges of food in October. There is also an annual Fresno State Vantage Day held in April.

Points to be proud of

  • 2017 – The US News & World Report ranked Fresno as the nation’s # 1 state university and the nation’s leading public university for Graduation Rate.
  • 2017 – The Washington Post ranked Fresno as # 17 among the top US Universities.
  • The Princeton Review ranked the MBA program at Fresno State’s 45th Business Faculty of Business, Sid Craig. The average GMAT score for this program is in the top 30 in the nation.
  • Practical placement at the Craig Business School in Fresno is coordinated with businesses throughout central California and surrounding areas, providing direct access to the skills learned in the classroom and helping students. Create relationships to succeed in the future.
  • The Kremen State University School of Education and Human Development was recognized by the American Association for Teacher Education (AACTE) for its emphasis on morality and morality in the training of future teachers. .
  • The Fresno State School of Agricultural Science and Technology is internationally accredited through in-class teaching combined with hands-on experience on the campus of over 400 hectares.
  • The Craig Business School at Fresno State, the graduate program and the Faculty Entrepreneurial are continuously ranked and nationally ranked.
  • The Henry Madden Library is Central California’s largest research library of state-of-the-art libraries and libraries. Design of the award-winning library of the American Institute of Architects.
  • The College’s Writing and Master of Arts program has produced many well-known national poets and writers.
  • The Downing Planetarium and the Downing Star Planetarium each year attract 25,000 visitors for a practical science experience.
  • Nearly all term-school faculty – up to 96% – have either a Ph.D. or the highest degree in the industry.
  • There are over 3,000 colleges in the United States. Fresno State is one of 72 colleges in the United States that receive the Certificate of Community Linking.

Career support

At any time during the study, Fresno State students and alumni will be able to meet with career counselors to determine their career orientation, to ensure that students are prepared.full, thorough to find a job or determine your own job search. Job fairs, on-campus recruiting programs and online job posting systems can help maximize student employment opportunities.

The Career Development Center is a unit of the Student Affairs and Training Management Division that helps students succeed with the following services.

  • Self-assessments, identification of major occupations and career exploration
  • Write a resume
  • Job search – best job interviews, best interviews, interviews, career trends / salary
  • Connect with employers – job fairs, networking
  • Find jobs – recruit contracts for work in schools
  • Experience – part-time, part-time, community service

Planning a postgraduate course – the enrollment process, reviewing individual research protocols