California State University – Schools and faculties


Schools and faculties

The College offers a wide range of courses in the following faculties and member universities.

School of Arts and Humanities

The School of Arts and Humanities has a diverse student body that attends the school’s intellectual and academic programs; They also participate in coordinated activities, dialogue and exploration. These programs contribute to preserving, nurturing and promoting the arts and humanities in the school as well as the social community.

School of Health and Human Services

The School of Health and Human Services offers courses in Communication Disorders and Deafness Studies; Athletics; Physical therapy; Public health; Entertainment management; Social Work and Gerontology; and Nursing. The school also has off-campus training and research centers.

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics offers a wide variety of programs at the Faculty of Biology; Chemistry; Computer science; Earth Science and the Environment; Math; Physics; and Psychology.

September 2015

School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as a diverse range of accreditation programs that prepare graduates for a solid foundation in today’s rapidly changing world. Students in Social Sciences participate in field archeology, simulation courts, geographic information surveys, history workshops, as well as other enrichment learning activities.

Business Department Craig

Business Department Craig has taken a step further than it was in 1928 when it was first established; The Faculty is proud to be recognized as one of the best business schools in California, and is proud to have created a variety of educational opportunities and connections for students. The Faculty also has a high reputation for quality education and cost effectiveness.

Jordan School of Agricultural Science & Technology

The Jordan School of Agricultural Science and Technology provides students with the education they need to become leaders in the agricultural and related sciences. The university offers excellent programs in traditional fields of agriculture such as zoology, botany, agricultural education, vines and agribusiness.

Kremen Education & Human Development

Kremen Education and Human Development (KSOEHD) educates qualified educators, high-level human development professionals, and provides professional support and leadership to the community, promoting research and application, and provide opportunities and experience to foster, update and develop professional skills for professionals working in the field.

Students study in the classroom, study and work in the modern Education Court; this is a 5-storey building with clinical facilities, pedagogic labs and computer labs.

Lyles Technical College

Lyles Technical College is the oldest public engineering school in the San Joaquin Valley, the School of Civil Engineering, Computer, Electrical, Geometry, and Mechanical Engineering programs as well as Construction Management. All Engineering degree programs at Lyles School of Engineering are nationally accredited. The university also offers Master’s programs in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

International student

From the initial questions about the enrollment process to enrollment, graduation and later, the International Student Services and Scholarship (ISSP) Unit is the main unit for answering international students at Fresno State.

The arrangement of the student flight are from the airport upon arrival in the United States and placement of homestay (in the same family), and guidance to students before the start of the first semester.

International students are also invited to attend a fast-track program organized by the Division to help them make friends, get to know the campus, meet American families, lecturers and staff. International students have the opportunity to share and learn each other’s culture through international coffee hours, explore global diversity and international cultural festival nights.

Multicultural staffs also help with:

  • migration and personal counseling
  • cultural adaptation
  • addressing academic, social, financial and occupational issues
  • privacy issues