Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis – Internships and Career


Internships and Career

At IUPUI you can accumulate a wealth of “practical” experience to prepare for future work.

The Academic and Professional Development Department at IUPUI helps students utilize the resources available to select the major or vocational majors in line with their professional goals. Students will also be able to use the career guidance services of specific departments to access the resources that different faculties provide to achieve their career goals, gain experience through employment, practice (and apprentice ) , and get a job after graduation.

For information on employment in the school, part-time work, and experience opportunities, applicants may contact the Student Employment Office .

Departments and training departments at IUPUI also offer a range of career guidance services at different levels. The IUPUI, IU and Purdue Alumni Association offer career guidance.


Optional Practice Training (OPT)

International IUPUI graduates are guaranteed OPT jobs in 28 states across the United States from Hawaii to New York to Fortune 500 companies as well as leading companies such as Intel, Apple, PayPal. , Motorola, Bank of America, Mayo Clinic, eBay, Capital One, Microsoft and Amazon.

Student life

IUPUI applies a student-centered approach to designing and supporting initiatives that connect people in the school with local and world communities. The Student Activities section helps students participate in programs, leadership opportunities and experiences, and facilitates the application of classroom knowledge into practice.

IUPUI has many different multicultural student organizations, including International House, through the Department of Housing and Living. Cultural Hours organized by the International Club give students a unique opportunity to learn about different countries, meet faculty and students from those countries, and even enjoy a dip. of the different regions of the world.

Employers appreciate talented graduates who work in diverse global contexts. Participation in multicultural student organizations is not only fun but also educational and market access.

International Student Program (IPMP)

IPMP has a team of IUPUI students volunteering their time to help new international students come to IUPUI. These support students are selected and trained by the International Relations Division to help newcomers in a wide range of areas:

  • Ask questions before entering school
  • Stabilize your life in Indianapolis
  • Meet with IUPUI and Indianapolis
  • Meet and participate in school life
  • Learn American culture
  • Regulate cultural adaptation
  • Learn the education system

All these topics are very important to new students. Having help makes it easier to adapt to IUPUI, and you have the opportunity to find new friends through this program.


In order to ensure the health of the student at school, the following resources are provided to students:

  • Health services
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
  • Internal sports and leisure activities


One of the best ways to enhance the fun and challenging experience at the School is to live in a boarding school. IUPUI boarding houses, such as the International House, are committed to ensuring a comfortable stay for students throughout their stay at the school and provide academic and welfare support.