Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis


The IUPUI, with its national ranked programs, ranks third among US universities in the “Emerging and emerging” world according to the American and World News.

  • Born of the merger of two leading universities in Indiana
  • Train more than 200 degree programs in many fields
  • Ranked among the top universities in the United States
  • 17 member schools train students of more than 146 countries


A new world awaits you at IUPUI with the best of both Indiana University and Purdue University in one facility. Prepare for a successful career with highly-respected faculty, top-notch degree programs and undergraduate research opportunities. Discover new places, new cultures and new hobbies in Indianapolis, the vibrant capital of Indiana.

We look forward to welcoming you to start your journey at IUPUI – the meeting place of the university and the city.


  • Indianapolis (or “Indy,” as commonly known) is America’s 12th largest city – the perfect place for your American experience.
  • Walking distance to shopping, restaurants, museums and parks.
  • Indy has the world’s largest children’s museum, the Heartland Film Festival and the Indy Jazz Festival.
  • Cheer for IUPUI NCAA Division 1 teams or attend professional sports events such as NBA Pacers basketball games, Indy Eleven national football (IUPUI), and Indianapolis 500 events one of the biggest day in the world.
  • Trade Center of over 700 enterprises
  • Headquarters of many regional and international companies such as Dow Agro Sciences, Eli Lilly & Company, Rolls Royce, Allison, Transmission-Inc., Exact Target, Cummins Inc., and many others. .
  • “Top Ten Cities to Start a Business” TIME Magazine
  • Ranked No. 4 in “America’s Most Affordable Cities”


IUPUI is committed to providing students with the highest quality education through nationally ranked programs, excellent faculty, small class sizes and a range of bachelor, master, and professional programs. and TS impresses with more than 225 undergraduate and graduate majors .

College of Honor

IUPUI’s Honors College creates a unique multi-disciplinary experience for creative students, high achievers with excellent academic preparation.

IUPUI Honorary Scholarship will be provided:

  • Great scholarship opportunities
  • Smaller, more dynamic and challenging classes
  • Collaborate more closely and communicate more strongly with faculty and academic counselors of the Honors program
  • Twice the experience of living-boarding in the Honor Society
  • Study abroad and leadership development
  • Indicate honor letter in the last transcript

RISE stands up to the IUPUI challenge

RISE stands for Research, International Studies, Service Learning and Experiential Learning. The RISE initiative challenges you by putting at least 2 out of 4 RISE experiences in your licensing program.


IUPUI has an academic culture that encourages and supports research at all levels, including academic research. Students can also start early in the first year! Every year, faculty and faculty at IUPUI receive $ 300-400 million from outside sources and through contracts. Find out more about Research Days, Centers and Institutions, and the chance to win funding for IUPUI students.

The highest quality research activity is an organic component of IUPUI. The school’s research development helps connect the academic community in the school with essential resources and information such as:

  • Internal funding opportunities
  • External funding sources
  • Development resources proposed research
  • Carry out research with renowned instructors

Research work at IUPUI has been implemented in faculties, departments and centers and institutes throughout the school, all founded on the innovative and innovative thinking of IUPUI researchers.