Indiana University South Bend – Schoolarship


How to apply

When submitting applications, students must follow the specific application process. Application forms are available online and proof of learning can be uploaded via the online application system or via student computer accounts; This is an account created specifically for the enrollment process. If successful, the student must ensure that all original and academic papers must be submitted by the institution directly to the school after the student has been accepted.


International students who wish to study for a university must follow the application process. Students must submit official transcripts with the full list of courses they have completed, the results of their exams, the examinations they have received, and the degrees awarded. Students can demonstrate their English proficiency in many ways such as TOEFL or IELTS. Students wishing to obtain F-1 visas must submit full entry and financial proof. Admission requirements for all undergraduates are the same, except for applicants for Performing Arts programs and diploma programs requiring audition materials acting.


Post – graduate program:

Postgraduate admission requirements one after another, Students must follow the application process. Each of the programs below has its own requirements:

  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Business
  • English
  • Comprehensive research
  • Public service
  • Music
  • Community service
  • Sustainability

Students must submit official transcripts with the full list of courses they have completed, the results of their exams, the examinations they have received, and the degrees awarded. Students can demonstrate their English proficiency in many ways such as TOEFL or IELTS. The letter should state the purpose of the study and the letter of recommendation should be submitted along with all the necessary paperwork for the specific course you wish to take. Students wishing to obtain F-1 visas must submit entry and financial proof.


Scholarships are important for people who can afford college and pay for college. The school offers scholarships to international students. In addition to the scholarship, students can also try out other scholarships. Here are some scholarships for international students:

First year scholarships for F-1 and J-1 students

Up to 12 first year scholarships are available for up to $ 2,000 each for F-1 and J-1 international students enrolled in the fall semester. Students must submit all enrollment documents before the deadline for admission. The scholarship is for the first year of study only.

Scholarships exempted for international students

Scholarships for international students for non-immigrant international students with advanced F-1 and J-1 visas, Students can apply for this scholarship during the second semester of study at the school. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement and economic need. Each rate is up to about 40% of the tuition fee for out-of-state students.

IU Foundation Scholarships

For IU Foundation Scholarships, international students must complete an online application before March 10th. Qualified students will be selected through the central application process. Students must comply with all criteria and requirements to win the scholarship. It should be noted that meeting all criteria does not guarantee students will be granted this scholarship.

Chancellor Merit Scholarship

Chancellor Merit Scholarships are available to international undergraduate students transferring from a non-Indian college or university to South Bend. International students have 26 transitional credits and a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale are eligible.

Student life

The 32-acre campus of the University of Indianna in South Bend is located on the banks of St. River. Joseph. Lake Michigan, the East Race, and a network of parks and recreational facilities are also close by. The students also see many performances, museums and other attractions in the area. The University of Indianna Life Room in South BendIt helps students to experience new things, make friends with people around the world, and have fun together, while also having the opportunity to develop personally and participate in more activities. The club has over 90 clubs and organizations such as Insurance Statistics, Sports Cheer, IUSB Photography League, Economic Forum, Japanese Club and Advertising Club, and students have the opportunity to set up clubs. according to their own preferences. There are also strong professional associations that support and promote career development. The school’s poetry nights, music festivals, lectures, stage and music performances, all make student life more exciting and attractive.

Titan Productions is a student body that brings together a wide variety of entertainment in the school. There are events such as film shows, comedy performances and concerts arranged for students to enjoy during their studies here.

The student library is the center of the school’s knowledge, providing access to one of the largest library systems in the United States. In addition to a vast collection of electronic and paper resources, including academic journals and journals, various academic programs and services, academic disciplines, and respect for different approaches as well as digital knowledge. The library also encourages lifelong learning and knowledge discovery. Student Activities Center supports student athletic programs and provides recreational facilities for all students. There is a common lounge for students to relax, and there is a cafeteria as well as a Health & Fitness Center.


The Career Services Department supports and enhances the capacity of students and alumni in career development when they have to make career choices, develop a job search strategy, seek experience and find a job. jobs. The Department also promotes the participation of faculty in career development through collaborative relationships as well as classroom presentations.

The School also has a Division of Disability Support Services committed to ensuring that students with disabilities receive equal opportunities to participate, contribute, and enjoy what the school offers through programs, services and activities. The facility facilitates community leaders in the school on issues related to disability, develops policies and procedures for use and provision of services, and ensures that the school complies with the legal requirements of service All students with disabilities.

The Student Advisory Center provides free and confidential counseling services to help IU South Bend students with a variety of personal and emotional problems. The center offers services such as counseling, counseling, life skills, crisis management and many other services.