Indiana University South Bend


University of Indianna students in South Bend receive individual attention due to the small size of the campus combined with the full resources of the Indianna University.

  • The third largest facility in the Indianna system
  • Beautiful 32-acre campus on the St. River. Joseph
  • The learning environment is closely linked to the cost of education
  • 27,000 alumni in the US and 60 other countries

Introduction to Indiana University in South Bend

The University of Indianna in South Bend is located in north central Indianna, just 150 km from Chicago and is a beautiful, seductive setting on the St. River. Joseph. This is the only bachelor’s and master’s degree school in North Central Indiana with over 8,000 students as well as 301 full-time faculties and 261 part-time faculties. This is the third largest campus in the Indianna system, but a 15: 1 student / faculty ratio ensures that students are cared for individually. Experienced instructors impart quality education in their field of expertise. Undergraduate students at the Indiana University in South Bend can choose from over 100 degree programsschool. In addition to the training programs, the school also provides facilities, support services and a variety of extracurricular activities for students.

The beautiful campus of over 32 hectares consists of 10 buildings, including a modern library. The Student Activities Center, the newly renovated Education and Art Building, 46 laboratories and 13 computer labs provide excellent facilities for students’ education. The school attaches great importance to quality teaching, teacher-to-student exchange, research and creative activity, diversity and inclusion, a global perspective and collaborative learning for life. Every year more than 200 students from 60 different countries attend college at the University of Indianna in South Bend because of its teaching methods and first-class facilities to acquire knowledge and experience.


South Bend offers over 100 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Six faculties of the college offer both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Learn more about faculty and programs at South Bend, these are:

Raclin College of Art

The Art Department of Raclin encourages students to explore art through performances, images and dialogues. The faculty offers undergraduate courses in all areas of music performance, electronic media, journalism, public relations, speech communication, interpersonal communication, and organizational communications as well as postgraduate courses. Learn about music and diploma music in the prestigious Ocean piano studio Toradze.

Business and Economics Judd Leighton

Faculty of Business and Economics Judd Leighton offers high quality business and economics training at a reasonable cost. The Faculty is accredited by AACSB and offers 12 undergraduate courses in accounting, advertising, finance, medical management, marketing, and human resource management. In addition, the faculty also offers postgraduate courses, including MBAs, MBAs and Master of Accountancy as well as other certification programs.

Faculty of Education

The School of Education is renowned for its tradition of educating students into excellent educators and consultants. The faculty offers undergraduate programs through which students can choose courses such as counseling and human services, elementary and secondary education, school leadership, and special education.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and Science helps students gain an in-depth understanding of human culture and the natural world. The college offers undergraduate courses in insurance statistics, computer science, cognitive science, computer science, political science, and more. The College offers postgraduate courses in applied mathematics and computer science, English, general research, public service, and sustainability.

Department of Social Work

Department of Social Work offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in social work. The program of social work develops the capacity to apply knowledge, values ​​and skills into practice through individual, small, organizational and community activities.

Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences strives to provide a curriculum that meets the needs of current and future health care needs of the society. The faculty offers undergraduate programs in dentistry, nursing, radiotherapy, medical imaging, sports science, health promotion, and leadership in the health system, and postgraduate courses about family practice nursing.