Pepperdine University – MBA and MS Program


MBA Program Full time

Master of Business Administration Full time

Our extensive Malibu campus classes help full time students gain competitive advantage in their careers.

When you complete the Pepperdine MBA program, not only do you join the ranks of an internationally renowned business school, you also participate in a community that inspires you. shine – and support you throughout the process. Listed in Top 10 Top- ranked Courses at US News & World Report’s Top-ranked University, the program focuses on practical application – not just theory – and students work directly with the business. on real world challenges through the popular Education to Business (E2B) program .

Postgraduate MBA

A 12-month MBA is an ideal choice for students with at least three years of business experience who want to quickly re-enter the market with a Master’s degree. MBA from a top-ranked university and increase your earning potential.

Two-year MBA program

This traditional MBA program is a flexible 20-month program in which students have the opportunity to study abroad, practice in the company, and choose the direction of their business. Ranked among the top MBA programs in terms of social and environmental education.

International MBA

The International MBA Program (IMBA) offers an experiential training program both in the classroom and abroad. Students are awarded a degree by completing basic MBA courses, focusing on electives in the field of international business and two internships, providing the global experience needed to succeed in Today’s multinational organizations.

The program combines Master of Business Administration / Master of Laws

The four-year Master of Laws / MBA program is designed to meet the growing demand for lawyer training and entrepreneurship to compete in the global marketplace.

Master of Business Administration / Public Policy

The three-year MBA program is designed for students who want to learn about management and leadership in the social, community and global dimensions. On the one hand, Pepperdine Graziadio provides a comprehensive understanding of global governance, on the other hand, the School of Public Policy helps develop analytical skills in political economy.

Full time MS program

Master of Science in Applied Finance (MSAF)

A full-time 12 month master’s degree program in Malibu is available for students wishing to start a career in finance.

The MS in Applied Finance program equips students with practical financial skills needed to be applied to real-life jobs. Built for college fresh graduates, this intensive study program will help you get ready to embark on a variety of career paths in the financial sector such as corporate finance, major banks, commercial banks and more. The program offers 36 months of optional practical training (OTP) for international students.

Master of Science in Global Business (MSGB)

A 15-month intensive, full-time program of study is offered on-campus at the Malibu campus – and abroad.

Learn the basics in global business and three month semester overseas experience to prepare for your international career. Suitable for those with little work experience, the MSGB program equips students with in-depth knowledge of the global economy and markets to enter the business world. The program offers 12 months of optional practical training (OTP) for international students.


MS in Applied Analysis is a 12 month full-time program focused on understanding the analytical from a practical business perspective. Students gain expert knowledge on a variety of topics such as predictive analysis, risk management, financial modeling or information technology. No GMAT or GRE score required. The program offers 36 months of optional practical training (OTP) for international students.


The 1-year MSc in Real Estate is a multi-disciplinary, experiential training program designed for all individuals regardless of circumstances, who want to explore the real estate industry and analyze their talents main. The program offers 12 months of optional practical training (OTP) for international students.


The MS program in Human Resources equips students to start their career in the field of human resource management and prepares students for the management of the soul of an organization – one of the most essential business units.