San Jose State University – Partner and Student Life


One of the great experiences when attending San José State University is when knowledge meets the requirements of the community. SJSU students will benefit from the school’s partnership with institutions throughout Silicon Valley.

CommUniver City

CommUniver San José is a collaborative project of the Five Wounds / Brookwood Terrac communities, San Jose State University and the city of San José. This unique organization will link students with residents through the development of public education projects for the purpose of developing education, public health, and improvements for the benefit of the people.

Moss Landing Marine Laboratory

Under the leadership of San Jose State University, the Moss Landing Marine Laboratory holds and administers the interdisciplinary Master of Science program in Marine Science for the California State University’s seven campuses. in North and Central California. The abundance of adjacent marine resources, teaching staff with integrated research, advanced facilities, teams and marine operations have contributed to making Moss Landing one of the best Master of Science in Marine Sciences in the United States.

Mineta Transportation Institute

Placing the partnership with SJSU Business School, Mineta Institute of Transport is the National Center for Transportation and a Center of Excellence focusing on policy research related to ground transport.

NASA’s Ames Research Center

Members of San José’s staff have collaborated with NASA’s Ames Research Center for several years. SJSU’s Associate Professor Natalie Batalha, as a member of NASA’s Kepler, has contributed to exploring one of the smallest planets identified outside the solar system. Batalha is responsible for recruiting more than 150,000 stars that the spacecraft controls, and working with Ames team members to identify living planets from Kepler.

Reid-Hillview Aviation

San Jose State University collaborates with Santa Clara County’s Reid-Hillview Airport to train students in the aviation, aircraft maintenance, administration and technology sectors. Graduates from SJSU are currently working in a variety of industries, including aircraft management, airport management, purchasing, marketing, quality control, technical management, and aerospace. . Reid-Hillview Airport Facilities include a fleet of aircraft hangars and 5,000 square-foot aircraft engines used in teaching.

Student life

Student organizations

Join the SJSU community! SJSU has more than 450 student organizations. From academics to honors, sports, culture and race clubs, boys ‘and girls’ associations, or hobby groups – SJSU has many options for you to choose from. To find out more, please visit the Student Inclusion website.

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Arts and culture are two important parts of the campus community. SJSU students are extremely diverse, meaning there are a lot of shows, solo events or cultural events for you to join.


As one of the NCAA Division I member schools, San José State University is home to seven sports for men and 13 for women’s sports . You can express SJSU Spartan pride when participating in competitions or becoming part of the internal sports department at the club.

Explore the bay

The beautiful and sunny San Francisco Bay area offers a wide selection of options:

  • Great for shopping and sightseeing in San Francisco
  • Go to the beach and play at The Boardwalk, Santa Cruz
  • Go hiking in the red woods of the Santa Cruz Mountains.
  • Explore Napa Valley Wine Making

Student Housing

Student housing is not just a place to eat and sleep. In the State of San Jose, student housing and apartments are where both communities live and learn from each other.

On-campus housing requirement for first-year students

All SJSU freshmen are required to live on the campus  during their first year of study. The University’s International Housing Division and the International Home School are two units that will support housing and accommodations on the campus. Students who are required to live on the campus will be given priority.

International House (I-House)

The International House in San José is currently home to 70 American and international students studying at San Jose State University. I-House is located about 5 minutes walk from the campus, providing a comfortable living space and a friendly exchange environment for students from many different backgrounds.

Boys and girls associations

Since 1898, SJSU boys ‘and girls’ conferences have brought a cheerful atmosphere to make student life a memorable experience. Many SJSU Greek organizations provide housing to members of the organization.