San Jose State University


San José is ranked No. 1 in the US “Business Insider Silicon Valley”.

  • The 62,000-hectare campus in the heart of Silicon Valley
  • Excellent training quality: 145 branches and 108 majors
  • Business Connectivity: Life Skills, Practical Applications
  • It is the home of 3,300 international students

About SJSU

If you only have a degree, you can study anywhere. But to get yourself ready to enter the real world and develop your job skills, as well as grasp your hands-on skills in a work environment that brings together the world’s leading companies and innovators, your future at San Jose State University (SJSU).

Welcome to SJSU

Situated on a more than 62,000 hectare campus in the heart of San José, San Jose State University (SJSU) currently has 32,000 students in 145 disciplines and 108 majors in the program, including programs ranked high on the whole country. Teaching quality and class size are also given priority at SJSU, where senior professors will teach you from introductory to Advanced.

Provide personnel for Silicon Valley

The State of San José has been ranked as the # 1 University in America “Mostly Silicon Valley by Business Insider”.

The University is the number one human resource in pedagogy, engineering, computer science and business for Silicon Valley.

The advantage of SJSU

Many of our employees are already working for Silicon Valley industry leaders. Therefore, they bring the practical knowledge of Silicon Valley companies into the classroom.

Relationships between SJSU and global companies will bring you the opportunity not all universities have.

At SJSU, you will be involved in a wide range of applied research programs, thereby recognizing your contribution to the real products and services. Your ideas will really help develop, create and bring about change in Silicon Valley and throughout the world.

The famous alumni

San Jose State University has trained outstanding alumni in various fields of Business, Education, Journalism, Literature, Politics, Science and Technology, and Sports as well as 16 athletes Olympic Games. Famous names include Gordon Moore, founder of Intel Corporation; Ray Dolby, founder of Dolby Sound Systems; Mary Blair, artist, graphic designer and illustrator, contributed to Cinderella for Disney (1950), Alice in Wonderland (1951) and Peter Pan (1953); Ed Oates, Oracle co-founder; Omid Kordestani, Senior Vice President of Global Business at Google; Amy Tan, author of “The Joy Luck Club;” Dian Fossey, author of “Gorillas in the Mist;” and many other celebrities.

Alumni Association

Since 1873, the SJSU Alumni Association has consistently strived to link graduate students and graduate students with junior high school graduates to enhance the SJSU degree.

Why choose SJSU?

Reasons to choose SJSU

  • Forbes has ranked SJSU as one of the top 20 “Universities will help you become rich.”
  • SJSU is one of the top 10 “California’s Most Valuable Schools” (Payscale).
  • The State of San José has been ranked 20th among the “Best to Invest” universities in the United States. (Best Colleges)
  • AACSB has recognized the Lucas Business School as one of the “295 Best Business Schools.” (Princeton Review)
  • San José is ranked # 7 in the “2016 Largest Cities in the United States.” (WalletHub)
  • San José is a mid-sized urban destination for college students in the United States (the United States Institute for Economic Research).
  • SJSU has received more than 56,000 applications from international students for the fall 2015 intake, and this is also SJSU’s new record.
  • Graduates are ranked first in Apple and Cisco, second in Adobe, 8th in Facebook and 10th in Google. (LinkedIn University Finder)
  • Some of SJSU’s major employers include eBay, Netflix, IBM, Oracle, PayPal and Hewlett-Packard.
  • Ranked 6th among public universities in the US (US News)

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