University of California Riverside



UCR is a world-class university and will only accept applications for fall semester. Applications must be submitted from November 1 to November 30 for admission to the next fall fall.

Admission requirements in the first year

(Students have attended high school or have never attended college)

  • Completion of high school requirements in high school (Grades 9-12).
  • High academic achievement: a GPA of 3.4 or higher on a 4.0 scale (85 points on a 100 scale).
  • Passed the test requirements in December of the last year of high school students.
  • Complete the ACT test with SAT Writing or SAT.
  • SAT subjects are not required. However, these exams show a solid grasp of the subject, and can meet the “ag” requirement or meet the UC Riverside School of Engineering’s (BCOE) recommendation and the School of Agriculture and Natural Sciences. CNAS). Both schools recommend Mathematics Level 2 and Chemistry or Physics.

Candidates to the School of Natural Sciences and Agriculture  should take the exam:

  • SAT Math
  • SAT in Physics or Chemistry
  • ACT Science argument
  • AP arithmetic

Candidates to the Bourns Technical College should:

  • Have a solid background in physics, chemistry, and math. Mathematical knowledge must include at least the introduction of arithmetic, but if you have learned arithmetic in advanced classes, the better.
  • SAT Math.
  • SAT Exams in Physics or Chemistry, or ACT Scientific Argument.
  • Demonstrate English proficiency with TOEFL score (80+ iBT or above) or IELTS (6.5 or higher).

Academic support

UCR students are not only taught the best faculty, but also use international standard facilities such as UCR libraries with 2 million books. The Higher Education Department ensures all UCR students receive the  support and assistance they  need to succeed academically through the academic community, tutoring programs and counseling sessions.

The first year tutoring program connects first-year students with experienced student leaders. Tutoring is taught to answer questions that help students adapt to college life and support for success. First-year students are encouraged to create learning communities and students who share a common interest goal in order to learn together in teamwork.


The UC Riverside Career Center organizes career and quarterly courses for students seeking internships as well as full-time employment. Students will also be able to learn how to write resume and resume effectively, as well as improve their interviewing and professional skills.

Student Experience

Student clubs, on-campus student accommodation, UCR’s International Student Resource Center, and vibrant local communities in Riverside ensure international students enjoy every moment.


Recreation Center the UCR Student Recreation Center is the hub for recreational activities, internal sports and school clubs. Students who want to practice in a variety of gymnasiums, play basketball, take a sports training session or explore the Picnic Program can all come to the gymnasium and have fun playing the game 7,500 m2 in UCR.

Student organizations

Diverse student body of the UCR represents a wealth of events organized by the student body. There are 400 different student organizations and 7 ethnic and gender programs such as the Middle East Student Center, the Asia Pacific Student Program and the Chicano Student Program. General cultural programs as well as ethnic culture are held throughout the year.

Culture, sports and outdoor activities

Students interested in local culture can explore the farmland market or attend a festival in the Riverside area. California’s spectacular terrain creates many opportunities for outdoor sports and activities such as rock climbing, scuba diving, surfing or mountain climbing.

Accommodation and catering

All first year international students are guaranteed accommodation if they meet certain criteria. In addition to modern facilities, dormitories provide students with a variety of recreational activities such as live music, BBQ parties, dancing, sports competitions, community service projects and cultural festivals. Boarding houses serve all kinds of American and international meals all day, while many of the on-site restaurants serve nutritious, high quality meals.