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DePaul University


DePaul offers a wide range of specializations in the bachelor’s degree, so your ability to find a degree in DePaul is very high.

  • DePaul – Where teaching is top priority
  • It is home to international students from 111 countries
  • 98% are taught by faculty, not by faculty
  • There are 150 undergraduate majors


This is DePaul.

Among the major private universities in the United States, DePaul is the only school to teach top priority. DePaul offers a highly interactive learning environment through expert guidance, small classrooms and real-world projects. 98% of classes are taught by faculty, not by tutors.


DePaul University is located in a dynamic urban setting in Chicago, Illinois, the third largest city in the United States. With countless resources, Chicago is an integral part of the educational experience at DePaul. The city of nearly 3 million people has a unique 180-year history, world-class architecture, theater, shopping malls, and a variety of restaurants – offering an exciting student experience.

Excellent academic quality

DePaul has many undergraduate majors, so your ability to find a favorite in DePaul is very high. Many of our professors are working as consultants, researchers and entrepreneurs, and they have incorporated practical experiences into the classroom.

Diverse in its own way

Every student in DePaul is a different individual. And this is great. By enriching diversity and deliberately applying a variety of perspectives to teaching and student life, the school provides students with a more refined learning experience that will help you be more prepared when stepping out into the world.

Schools are regularly accredited by publications such as The Princeton Review and US News & World Report on Student Diversity and Satisfaction. DePaul is a school where international students come from 87 countries.

Student Housing

Dorm rooms, dorm rooms and apartments in the DePaul campus are comfortable and spacious, giving students the feeling of being at the door.


Whether you know the exact subject you want to study or are still hesitant to enter, DePaul’s bachelor programs will challenge you. With a team of faculty members who are experts in the field they pursue, and 150 majors, students will be prepared to enter the world of work as soon as they graduate.

Bachelor’s degree programs are offered at the school: Accountant, Science Statistics (Business), Near Medical Technology, Comics (BFA), Anthropological, Applied Behavioral Science (Adult Learners), Arab studies, Arts, Media and Design, Biological Sciences, Business Administration, Chinese Studies, Communications and Multimedia, Communication Studies, Information Technology, Interactions and Social Networking, Intercultural communication and Neuroscience.

Combined programs

DePaul University offers more than 100 dual options

DePaul dual degree programs allow students to receive two degrees at the same time. The courses you choose are the same as the regular degree programs, but will be taught in other intensity.

Students will have to study with a different intensity and spend more time than their peers choose a single degree program, but the benefits of this program are significant.

How does the dual degree program benefit me?

  • You will be issued two degree certificates within 5 years, instead of 6 years or longer.
  • Cost will be lower. You can save money for a full academic year.
  • You will graduate soon and will be starting high school courses in your favorite field sooner.
  • You can start working early. With the completion of degree programs in an accelerated time, you may start working or enroll early.

Many post-bachelor programs can be combined with a bachelor’s degree program to create a dual degree program of five years.

Career support

Where self-discovery, connection and support bring worthy accomplishments

The DePaul University Career Center believes that the path to someone’s future success starts with that person. By helping students understand and forge their passions, interests and skills, DePaul helps you connect better with your training, internships, work and the opportunities you will receive world with all charm, knowledge and preparedness.

The center is dedicated to:

  • Promote the relationship between businesses, alumni and the community with Chicago and the surrounding world so that students can take advantage of the opportunities and take firm steps in networking success.
  • Develop diverse, practical skills so that students are really ready with the full potential.
  • Assist students, alumni, staff and employers on every step.

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania – Admissions



Scholarship opportunities

All international students entering the first year are eligible for scholarships according to their academic achievements and needs. Only students who have passed the exam will be considered for scholarship, and must submit financial documents, including financial guarantee.

  • For admission, students must submit the following documents:
  • The online enrollment application has a full enrollment fee of $ 30
  • Official transcripts sent by students to Edinboro directly or transcripts certified by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam or the US Embassy in Vietnam. If necessary, students must submit both the official exam results and the high school diploma.
  • Official English test scores such as TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson or STEP-EIKEN, SAT or ACT.

English requirements

  • TOEFL: 500 (paper-based exam)
  • TOEFL: 173 (computer-based)
  • TOEFL (iBT): 61
  • IELTS: 6.0
  • Pearson: 44

Applicants who have not attained the required minimum English language proficiency have the opportunity to enter the ELI program at Jamestown Community College as a partner with the school.

Additional paperwork may be required after studying the records and the transcripts.

The deadline for submission

The school must receive the records and all attached documents no later than the date specified for each respective semester.

Fall season (beginning in late August): July 1 deadline

Spring semester (starting mid-January): November 1 deadline

Student Experience

Studying in the EU is not just about promotion. It is a time for students to discover passion, make friends, develop their individuality and prepare for their future career.

The University is a time to experience, and the vibrant life at Edinboro University creates ample opportunity for students to actively participate in activities, develop valuable life skills and create friendship throughout lives with people throughout the United States as well as the whole world.

Career support

The EU Center for Career Development helps students find internships and apply for internships as well as explore opportunities to accumulate practical experience complementary to their education, which is what the home employment expectations.

Internships are an excellent opportunity to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to the real world, accumulating valuable experience for professionals and professionals in the industry. In the recruiting criteria for recruiting students, employers are increasingly interested in the practical experience that students have accumulated. According to the University Association and the National Recruitment Agency, students who have gone on internships are recruited earlier and have higher salaries than those without practicing.

Diploma papers

To qualify for internship, students must complete a bachelor’s degree program of at least 60 credits, of which at least 15 credits must attend Edinboro University. University students enrolled in the internship must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher, and their main industry GPA of 2.5 or above, and must meet their own specific internship criteria.

Boarding life

International students will see Edinboro University as their second home thanks to its warm atmosphere and spectacular campus. Boarding students will immerse themselves in all the activities of the school as well as the surrounding community and enjoy everything here.

The EU not only has all the facilities in the school, such as the cafeteria diversity, fitness center, modern medical center students and Student Center Pogue, but also has great location right in the middle of On the waterfront of Edinboro, Pennsylvania, the area offers a wide selection of shopping, dining and entertainment options.


The EU has apartment buildings in The Highlands, the newest addition to the campus, in addition to two classic residences. The dormitories have permanent staff and students supervised to ensure a comfortable and vibrant environment for students.

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania – Study Option


The EU has more than 65,000 veterans, including celebrity artists, health workers, Disney animators and other accomplished professionals.

  • Belongs to the best learning centers in Pennsylvania
  • Alumni in 85 countries around the world
  • More than 100 training areas
  • Small class scale + internationally renowned faculty

About the EU

Edinboro University (EU) is one of Pennsylvania’s best research and research centers. Outstanding artists, health professionals, Disney and Pixar animators as well as business leaders, educators, criminal justice and other professionals in the industry have laid the foundations for success. of the EU.

The class is small and is taught by internationally acclaimed faculty, of which 90% have the highest degree in the industry, guarantee the highest quality of teaching, and help each student with everything they need to succeed. public.

The EU is dedicated to ensuring that students are successful, attentive to each individual, meticulously cared for and provided with state-of-the-art facilities for students to achieve their goals and expectations. above expectations.

With a vibrant university community, more than 100 training areas, a first class student housing complex in the area, many clubs and organizations, nationally recognized student disability services, athletes NCAA, performing arts, rich Greek cultural life and a network of over 65,000 alumni, Edinboro University is committed to ensuring the highest quality education at affordable cost.

  • Bachelor programs with top students:
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communication Arts (BFA)
  • Bachelor of Nursing and Special Education BSED
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Bachelor of criminal justice

Study options

Edinboro has university options at its member universities including,

School of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

Our students develop intellectual, critical thinking, creativity in problem solving and collaborative teamwork. Students also develop effective communication skills in both oral and written forms as well as expressing their art.

Specialized training areas include:

  • Art
  • Music and Theater
  • Communication studies
  • Press and Public Relations
  • English and Philosophy
  • History, Politics, Language and Culture
  • Criminal Justice, Anthropology and Methodology
  • Sociology

School of Natural Sciences and Medical Profession

The School of Natural Sciences and Human Services focuses on the development of the STEM faculties of Edinboro University (STEM including natural sciences / technology / engineering / math), as well as medical and health care professions.

Specialized training areas include:

  • Biology and Medical Services
  • Chemistry
  • Geological Geography
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Nursing
  • Physics and Technology
  • Psychology
  • Community service
  • Speech, Language and Audiology

Faculty of Business

The Faculty of Business has accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business & Technology (ACBSP).

College programs in accounting, phony accounting and fraud investigation, general business administration, international business, financial services, marketing, management information systems and many industries. including a new bachelor degree in business administration, enabling EU students to gain the most extensive and easy-to-find business and employment education in the region.

Faculty of Education

The Edinboro Graduate School of Education offers state-of-the-art pedagogical programs in the general area of ​​Pennsylvania and is accredited by the National Board for Teacher Education (NCATE).

  • Specialized training areas include:
  • Counseling, Psychology, and Special Education
  • Preschool education and Reading
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Lower secondary and upper secondary education, and Educational Leadership

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